Dr. Neilson McLean founded Executive Air Ambulance as Medical Director, with an extensive background in Emergency Medicine as well as fellowships in both Critical Care Medicine and Hyperbaric Medicine. His background also includes acting as the primary investigator in several research projects including the effects of cabin altitude in patients with COPD during aero-medical transport.

Dr. McLean holds a degree in aviation medicine from the University of Otago in New Zealand. Dr. McLean brings extensive experience as a flight physician transporting acutely critical patients worldwide on-board air ambulance flights. His role at Executive Air Ambulance is the complete oversight of aero-medical operations as well as staff recruitment, retention and training. Neil also administers our medical QA program.

A strong team player with an extensive aero-medical background, Dr McLean brings a unique skill set to our operation ensuring the highest quality in medical oversight, the hallmark of Executive Air Ambulance’s commitment to patient safety.