Leanne Leduc is a RN with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Shortly after graduating she returned to school to formally specialize in emergency nursing. Leanne worked in a busy trauma centre for 4 years before combining her love of travel with her nursing. She then spent 2 years working in the Middle East in a large urban hospital, again in an emergency setting. Upon returning home to Canada Leanne continued her career as an emergency nurse but later decided to again return to school to further her education in critical care. The Intensive Care Unit brought many new experiences and learnings with caring for the sickest of the sick. In recent years Leanne has been working as a cardiac clinical nurse educator. She finds this leadership / teaching role a very rewarding experience as she is able share her knowledge with other, often newer, nurses while maintaining her own skills by continuing to remain at the bedside.

Having a specialty and experience at both ends of the critical care spectrum – emergency and intensive care, gives Leanne the ability to give appropriate care for patients at any point of their injury / illness. Combining this fact with her mentoring and leadership abilities allows Leanne to help guide staff newer to the world of air transport medicine.

Leanne loves being an RN, and outside of work one of her other passions is travel. Before becoming an RN Leanne extensively traveled the world and continues to do so today. Working with executive Air ambulance as the Chief Flight Nurse allows Leanne to combine all of her professional and personal passions while delivering the best possible care to our patients.