Air Ambulance

Ideally located at the Vancouver International airport, Executive Air Ambulance offers chartered Hawker 800SP service with extended range which allows service across the continent including Hawaii and beyond.

Although North America is our backyard, our Hawker 800SP’s have large capacity fuel tanks which allow for extended range. Executive Air Ambulance has completed trips to countries as far away as China and India. We have fantastic aero-medical teams which we cater to the patient’s condition – we can provide almost any type of medical team that is requested.

Uninsured Clients

We will work closely with families of uninsured clients to keep the cost of repatriation to an absolute minimum.

Commercial Airline Medical Escort

Our travel agents work with our medical teams and the airlines to provide immediate response for emergency and non-emergency airline medical escort service anywhere in the world.

Executive Air Ambulance medical escorts are selected carefully for each repatriation. All have tremendous experience and medical skills. Executive Air Ambulance has developed a close relationship with several airlines that has allowed us to streamline the medical clearance process.

Executive Air Ambulance will provide specialized care for any patient anywhere in the world. With the organizing physician’s recommendations, it may be appropriate to have the patient and medical escort seated comfortably in business class, or if required a group of seats can be reserved and blocked off to accommodate an airline certified stretcher as well as all the critical care equipment that is used on our private air ambulance flights.

Languages Spoken

We try to provide escorts that are fluent in the language that the patient is familiar with. We can provide escorts fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, French, Spanish, Tagalog , Hindi and more.

Mandarin France Spain Philippines India

Organ Transplant & Retrieval

Executive Air Ambulance is available at short notice to organ retrieval teams.

Travel Assistant

We understand that there is a growing number of travelers that may require the help of a travel assistant rather than a medical escort. These travelers may include seniors or those with mobility challenges or even underage travelers.

Think of these assistants as sort of a traveler’s “Sherpa”. Someone to take care of the luggage, navigate the massive airport terminals, looks after tickets and other travel documents and ensure that the traveler safely reaches their destination whether it be a remote hotel in some far off country, boarding that cruise of a lifetime halfway around the world, or hugging those relatives that you thought that you would never see again. This peace of mind is more affordable than you think.

Vehicle Repatriation

When an unforeseen interruption in your travel plans strands your car or motor-home, let Executive Air Ambulance provide a safe and experienced driver to return the vehicle to your home.