Hawker 800SP


The Hawker 800SP is medevac-configured to serve as a mobile intensive care unit, complete with specialized medical team and equipment to provide a seamless transition of care from the sending to receiving hospital. The Hawker can travel speeds of 445 knots and can travel up to 2,500 miles without refueling. This aircraft can be configured to accommodate up to 1 stretcher patient and 3 medical attendants.

Lear 31A


The Helijet Learjet 31A is available for air medical charters from its Richmond base. Capable of travelling at speeds of 435 knots, this turbo-jet aircraft can travel between 1,000 and 1,500 miles without refueling. This aircraft can be configured to accommodate up to 2 stretcher patients and 3 medical attendants.

Challenger 604


The Challenger 604 can be configured for medical charters for long range repatriation. The Challenger can travel up to a maximum speed of 541 knots and can travel up to 4,000 miles which makes the aircraft suitable for long range oversea flights.

Piper Cheyenne III


The Piper Cheyenne is a turboprop option for shorter leg flights in western North America. The aircraft can travel up to 290 knots with a range of 1,400-2,000 miles. The aircraft can be configured to hold 1 stretcher patient and three medical attendants. The plane is based out of Cranbrook, providing a strategic base for BC, Alberta, Washington, Idaho and Montana.

Ground Ambulance

The ground ambulance is available for short and long term transports within British Columbia for patients that need to be transported from areas not accessible by aircraft. The ground ambulance can transport patients in the Greater Vancouver area or pickup or transfer patients to / from the Okanagan, Cariboo, Sunshine Coast, Howe Sound, Vancouver Island and Northwest Washington State.