Who We Are

Mission Statement

“Our mission is to provide safe, professional and reliable aero-medical transportation services to our clients at the most cost effective price while still focusing on delivering the highest quality family centered care and continuing quality improvement.”

Undoubtedly our greatest resource is our staff. Our call out roster has over 100 Doctors, Nurses, Critical Care Paramedics, Respiratory Techs, and other medical specialists who are passionate about providing the highest level of care on each and every repatriation.


Safety is always #1. In our motto, imbedded in our culture and throughout every aspect of Executive Air Ambulance. Before we proceed with every repatriation, we ask the question” is this safe”. As part of Executive Air Ambulance quality assurance, our medical director has developed a comprehensive aeromedical training program. Every patient transport is reviewed for quality logistics to ensure that from first point of contact to discharge, all of our clients are receiving the safest care possible.


Our medical teams include the most experienced critical care flight nurses, paramedics and physicians working in the industry today. All have specific training in aviation transport medicine and all are supervised and followed by an intensive care physician who specializes in aviation medicine.

All of our pilots are routinely involved in training courses and upgrades. They have experience operating in over 50 countries worldwide.


This attribute is front and center in our motto because we understand that the last thing our clients need are excuses and disappointments. Flying our state of the art Hawker 800SP and backed by a strong in-house maintenance program, we are able to provide savings without compromise to safety or reliability.